June 20, 2017: The Culmination of A Dream

Tonight at 9:24pm Pacific Time the sun will rise up near Amesbury, Wiltshire England, pass through the stones of Stonehenge, and mark the Summer Solstice of 2017. This symbolizes a point of culmination of becoming. The point at which the sun reaches it’s highest, broadest point of illumination, which will remain present for the next four days before beginning the procession back into darkness.

These four days can be like the pause in the breath between inhalations and exhalations. The earth breathes in more and more light, holds that light, and then releases that light back to the dark.

“…What passes, what is and what will be are the stuff of the old man’s dream. One day he’ll wake and all he has made to flourish will wither. He will coil round himself, a snake devouring his children, then slither away with us all in his belly. And we shall go away with him knowing what a good dream it was.

He sleeps. A new dream begins…”

~ Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead,  P. 159-160, Normandi Ellis

The point of the Summer Solstice is the full extension of a dream, the full extension of one breath of life. A dream that has been given life.

But, just as the current dream reaches its fullest potential, the time begins for creating a new dream. This is a time for reflection with regard to what we want to dream up next. What do we want to begin cultivating so that we can begin dreaming a new dream?

As our collective reflection begins, I wonder what is left within the wastelands of our current dream. As we’ve moved through the world and tread a path for ourselves, what is left in our wake? Have we left something to be proud of? Have we empowered ourselves and others through the ways of our dreaming? Does it serve as a supportive presence that holds space for our next dream?

I invite you to reflect on our dreams of the past, then get ready to sleep and to dream well. We’re all part of the dream. What we choose to dream we will all become.

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