June 21, 2017: Awareness of the Transmissions

Before dying, before creating a new dream, an awareness and assessment of the current dream needs to be acknowledged. Just what has been created and is now pulsing as a beacon of light energy throughout the world? What parts of that light do we want to take forward with us and what parts are we ready to allow a graceful or ungraceful death?

Image by EvgeniT under CC0 1.0

What I’m suggesting here goes beyond looking at what seems good or bad and into taking responsibility for our own part of the dream. In what ways are we contributing to the current dream? What in our daily activity goes on and on to support the current dream?

For instance, do we want the structures of money, jobs, employers, education, agriculture, consumerism, governments, legal and class systems, etc.? What does all of this do for us as a whole? Does it keep us safe? Does it bring us happiness? Does it allow us to really relax and to be presence and peaceful within the world? Are they something that we really say “YES” to within our hearts?

I won’t begin to believe that I have the answers. But, I do invite us to hold, acknowledge, and feel into the current dream, the current systems and the ways they play themselves out within our lives. Then begin asking your heart what dimensions of the currently dreamed systems you really feel good about. What parts does your heart really say yes to and why? What fears come into play? Do those fears extend from a particular system? Does the system support or encourage those fears? To what extent do you currently participate in these systems?

Just hold, observe, and inquire. Be curious rather than judgmental. Be present with what we have created and our involvement within it. New dreams take time and preparation. This begins with knowing where we are at within the current dream.

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