June 22, 2017: Outside as a Reflection of Inside

Yesterday, I found myself at Rocky Butte Park viewing the northern and eastern landscapes of Portland, Oregon. This gave me a view of one of the two main road arteries, which crosses the Columbia River and bridges Oregon and Washington.

2017-06-21 13.41.48

Watching the cars drive over the roadway, I was reminded of the movie “Samsara,” which captures the sights and sounds of our moving world of interactions. Within it, I remember being particularly struck by how all this movement resembled the movement with in the body. It seemed like people were the cells and the structures around us were the organs that contained and restrained the ways in which the cells could move. The movement in this way created beautiful patterns of being from a bird’s-eye perspective.

From the bird’s-eye perspective, however, you cannot see a lot of what is actually happening internally. You can see the earth, water, fire, and the reflections of light. You can see the structures of the buildings. You can see whats moving. But you cannot see or know what created it or why. And yet, there seems to be something magnificent within this external perspective in the way that it moves and the way that the light of the sun moves it and changes our perspective of it.

Taking in this viewpoint, however, you may begin to see how what is inside of us becomes a reflection outside of us. What we are made of in cells, organs, veins, and arteries also becomes what we create outside of us. We create a reflection of ourselves, which is not just physical but also mental, emotional, and spiritual. The purpose of which is to create a better understanding of who we are, to see more of what we cannot see by ourselves.

These observations further remind me of a statement made by Lewis Mehl-Madrona with regard to enabling healing. He says:

“Both of these perspectives suggest an externalized reflection of something created from inside of us or from inside a community, which we have a responsibility in caring for if we are interested in the quality of the lives we are living. So, again, I simply ask that we hold and observe what we have created individually and collectively. This has been one process of understanding ourselves, of giving an experience of ourselves, which we can now absorb within our collective energy as a whole. This has being just one way of being in the world together.”

Now, as you hold these energies, be in reflective connection with your heart and pose these questions: What parts within you are being expressed right now? What parts are expressions of fear? What parts are expressions from your heart? What parts do you really want to express now? What is it that you really want to learn, know, and experience about yourself now within the external world?

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