June 24, 2017: Sensing the Current Collective Dream

Waking up today, my thoughts still wondering about the current dream, I was drawn to receiving more information through the creation of a drawing. At first this felt daunting. How could I capture something of this dream that we are in? Could I really hold he entirety of it? Did I really want to hold the entirety of it, the energy of it?

But, I didn’t back away from what was coming up. I had to remember to trust the creation process and how it has always allowed me to see something more. So, I set my intention and I began to draw.


Within my iPad app, I selected a dark textured, black canvas background. My first marks were thin yellow lines that made me think of layers of light or layers of being. Then came thin spiraling lines of orange that seemed to inhabit a sacred cavity and to also resemble a rose. Washes of blue watercolor were added, providing more light and creating a landscape with some parts hidden below. Some parts also appeared within the landscape that I didn’t know were present, as little bits of surprising information.

From here, the yellow wanted more vibrancy, a golden color. So, I attempted to retrace my initial lines several times. But then felt as if it didn’t seem to want the perfection. Instead, it seemed to want messiness and movement. After allowing this unrestrained drawing, I then notice and saw the forms of women becoming present and moving within the earth.

Taking in a broader perspective of the drawing at this point, it seemed that a temple was beginning to form itself. The temple, however, was not a closed structure. Thus, its contents were not contained and could be released.

As I continue to adorn the temple with both gold and purple, the song “Silver and Gold,” from Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer began to play within my mind. I was amuse by its presence and didn’t really give it further thought. But perhaps the song was actually trying to tell me to use silver instead of purple in my adornment of the temple.

The drawing then called for more light on the outside. Then also more dark that began on the inside and then was released to the outside. The darkness then further erupted, dark and cloudy. But, the light behind it still remained and then began to seep into the ground below with bursts of light breaking through.

At this point, the temple seemed to want to dissolve. But as I did so, I suddenly began to see an upside down heart. So, I turned it over and that’s when I saw a heart growing up from within a landscape of darkness.

After finishing the drawing, I put together a GIF to illustrate the drawing process. However, as I watched the cycling of images, I also noticed how it seemed the darkness was being invited into the temple of the heart and then being dissolved by the light.

What are your impressions of this process, of the separate stages of the drawing, of the progression of the drawing? What interpretations do you apply to it? Does it represent something of our current dream together?

Personally I like what this drawing has to offer as a potential story line for our current collective dream. I think it shows the transmutation of darkness to light through the pathway of the heart. Whether we are transforming our own darkness to light or simply learning to transform darkness to light makes no difference to me. Either way, transforming darkness into light seems like a pretty significant dream to have and an important path to travel for furthering the growth of our hearts.

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