June 27, 2017: Subtlety Of Transitions

One more minute less of daylight existed today, as the sun rose two minutes later than on the Summer Solstice. Death and darkness ever so slowly creeping in on the light of day.

Follow the Light by U.S. Army under CC BY 2.0

This brings to mind the subtle transitions occurring between the states of light and darkness that occur in silence. No one formally announces the transition is taking place. Only when some big astrological event occurs do we even take the slightest notice. And yet, we know these transitions between the sun, stars, and planets are occurring.

Death and darkness comes but barely do we notice. It has no way of notifying us beyond the sensations with our bodies. In sensing death within us, what is the quantity of its existence? Can we observe its initial presence and then also observe its growth? At what point are we able to handle and resolve death and at what point does the death inside of us become irresolvable disease and illness?

As the transition of the sun’s path in relation to the earth occurs, a gap begins to form between what existed and what now exists. Within this gap is a significant pause that begins to be created by the delay in the sun’s rising. For now this is a two minute pause that creates space for something else to occur.

This pause is a death of sorts. It is a pause that creates change with regard to how much daylight we experience each day. The sun appears to be the instigator with darkness following shortly behind. But soon the darkness will lead with the sun following, as we begin to loose minutes both at sunrise and sunset.

Within these subtle transitions, which ones do you follow or notice? In what ways do the flows of interactions between light and dark and between sunrise and sunset mirror the instances of death and life within your life? In what ways do you notice the subtleties of life’s transitions and then take action accordingly within your life?

For me, these very subtle shifts are the most important points to notice. They mean something different is about to happen or that an opportunity now exists for something different to happen. Thus, within these gaps of death, a new possibility of life can begin to grow.

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