June 28, 2017: Doubting Death’s Process

As I laid in bed last night tossing and turning, an inner turmoil seemed to be building within my solar plexus. Nausea and pressure were present, but so was a sense of unforgiving prodding. A stubbornness also seemed to be present that was perhaps trying to deny or reject what was wanting to occur.


Image by walterbruneel888 under CC0 1.0


As my day progressed, I wondered about how committed I am to this “Solstice to Solstice: Allowing Death, Cultivating Heart” project. By proceeding forward, I feel the pressure to perform at a particular level. Additionally, with other activities currently taking precedence during the day, I also feel confined by the space available to really reflect and to offer something useful.

Feeling into the messages about what is happening on a particular day can take time to both acknowledge and understand. Then, I also need to sort out what’s part of my own process versus what relates to this project. In the end, however, I find it interesting how often my selected topics do in fact relate to other peoples lives as well as my own. Thus, I find that I need to continuously trust the process and this path that I have chosen.

With all of this moving through me today, I googled “solar plexus death” to see what relation might exist with my nighttime experience. The first thing to pop up was the possibility of death by being hit in the solar plexus. So I thought, okay maybe this is something I need to look at further.

As I then looked into the images associated with “solar plexus death”, an image of two triangles caught my attention and led me to an article entitled “Sore Stomach Leads to Death and Life by Black Hole,” which I decided to read. Within it were the words “Let go of your ego, pride and insecurity,” as aspects to be dissolved, to be allowed death through the solar plexus.

What about you? Does the process of allowing death frighten you? Can you trust what the process might bring to you? Are you willing to work through your self-doubt and let go of your ego, pride, and insecurity to move forward with your life and into new and different opportunities?

2 thoughts on “June 28, 2017: Doubting Death’s Process

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  1. Thanks for including the link to my article, Jamie. The irony is that I needed to hear this again today and there it was in my inbox, for whatever reason, even though your article was written in June.

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