June 29, 2017: Death Informed Creation

Today, my dreams of the night before seem to be suggesting a particular pathway in which to work with death. In one part of my dream, I was talking to a relative that had passed and informing them about another relative that had also passed. I expressed my regrets for not informing them sooner, but they did not seemed concerned. In this sense, I was relaying information about death to death. But death didn’t care about the information in the same way that I did.

The other aspect of my dreams had to do with release followed by regeneration and rediscovery. Within this, different parts of my dream imagery represented teachings that were taking place where ankle braces or shackles and clothing were taken off or relinquished. Then, at one point, I hit a release button, which sent the teachers and their messages back downward into the earth. But, what I sent inward then seemed to resurface in the form of a small worm-sized lamprey, which in Native American traditions represents a cleansing entity of the waters.

Image by kellepics under CC0 1.0

Through these images, I see death being taught as a released offering that allows for the cleansing and re-creation of ourselves. As death is released and offered, it informs what will now be created. In other words, my dreams seem to be showing death as a portal for releasing how we have presented ourselves and what we have held ourselves to, which can be transformed by the teachings and messages we have received.

Death presented in this way informs and allows our transformation from state to state. Without death we would be stagnant. Without death nothing new would happen. Without death we could not be released from our current way of being or from our current life circumstances. Thus, I ask you to question the ways in which you would like to invite death into your life. What in your current presentation of yourself is ready for release? What associated obligations are also ready for release? How will you use what you have learned from your current presentation and obligations to inform the next presentation of yourself?

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