June 30, 2017: Gathering Our Creativity

Reflecting further into the death informed creation of my dreams, my thoughts begin to see a cycle of formation that aligns with the seasons and with the maturation of many foods. Within the Summer season, many gardens are tended to, producing an abundance of fruits and vegetables. By the Fall, however, this begins to decline, as fruit and leaves begin to wither, die, and fall to the earth. Then, in heading towards winter, the deciduous trees become barren, seeds creep their way into the soil, and the ground becomes cold and unforgiving.

Thus, with the Summer just beginning, perhaps we are still basking in our current creations, our current collective dream. By moving further into this, we begin the process of taking in information about what we have already created. Our creations are ripe and full of teachings, but we must decide what to gather, ingest, and carry forward into our next collective dream.

Image by Hans under CC0 1.0

Consider this process of selection in relation to eating a favorite fruit. As we take a bite, what might it inform us of? Why do we delight in that particular fruit? Is it sweet, sour, or both? Is is soft or firm? How does it smell? How does it feel inside of our mouths as we chew it? How well are we able to digest it?

In the same manner that we enjoy our favorite fruit, we might also enjoy a creative expression of ourselves or a particular way of being. From this perspective, what information are you receiving with regard to your current life expressions? How do they feel in your body? Do they feel rigid or flowing? Do they bring you joy or sorrow? Do they move through you with ease or dis-ease?

With these scenarios in mind, I invite you to reflect on your favorite aspects of our collective cultures. How do they make you feel? What characteristics do they have? What do you receive from them? How do they allow movement of our creations through one state of being to another?

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