July 30, 2017: Navigating Pattern Breaks

Detach! Detach! Detach! Detach from ideas. Detach from beliefs. Detach from what feels normal and comfortable. Detach from thinking you know. Detach! But, at the same time, engage and be present with the people around you right now. This isn’t quite working for me, but it’s what’s here pushing and pulling me around, inviting something... Continue Reading →

July 27, 2017: Opening to the Lion’s Gate

An interesting myriad of states have been coming through me today, including disbelief, disorientation, resignation, satisfaction, enjoyment, tiredness, and frustration, which were then followed by lightness and a sense of greater openness. Additionally, within the last two evenings, I’ve noticed a greater amount of energy flowing through my body, particularly within my head and my... Continue Reading →

July 23, 2017: Agitations of Change

For some months now I've been noticing an intermittent agitation occurring within me. The source of this agitation, however, has been rather confusing, since it's often arisen within situations that have usually brought me joy. But today I'm starting to notice an unwillingness to release or change something within my life that may be causing... Continue Reading →

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