July 2, 2017: The Intertwining of Death and Heart

With the passing of nearly two weeks since the Summer Solstice, the sun is now presenting five minutes less daylight than it did before, which now creates a four minute lag in the sun’s rising and a one minute earlier descent in the sun’s setting. Two pauses now exist between the sun’s full extension of reflected light upon the earth and it’s ever decreasing appearance until the Winter Solstice. Two pauses of opportunity for reflection, at sunrise and sunset. Two pauses for allowing death. Two pauses for cultivating heart.

Laying in bed this morning, I found myself stretching lengthwise with my legs and arms crossed. In doing so, I imagined the intertwining relationships of my chakras from head to toe. Then, in listening to a dharma talk today, I was particularly attracted to the aspects of balancing different qualities and states of being. So, it seems time to begin looking at the interrelationships and balance between allowing death and cultivating heart.

As I have previously suggested, allowing death both releases us from our current dream and informs our future dreams. But, at what points does the heart get involved with this?

Image by pixel2013 under CC0 1.0

To begin with, I feel the connection in having enough compassion, enough heart to allow the death of dreams that don’t serve us, that starve our creativity, and bring more death than life. But as I say this, I notice how my words seem to be suggesting a desire for balance between death and life. Although too much death than life seems like a poor dream to have, what about too much life? Could too much life also be a poor dream to have?

The idea of too much death or too much life leads me to think about the states of depression and mania, of less activity and more activity, and of less energy and more energy. In this way, too much life might mean the over extension of energy without appropriate rest, which potentially depletes personal agency and detours the successful creation of personal and collective dreams. Following this line of thought further, too much life might also mean not including enough heart or heart guided direction.

Taking in these perspectives, it seems we need heart to both allow death and to allow a balanced creation of life. But from the opposite viewpoint, might this also be suggesting that we need death to cultivate the heart and to provide the balancing aspect within life? If so, then cultivating the heart could be about creating and maintaining life in balanced relationship with death.

Given these thoughts and reflections, what are your perspectives of allowing death and cultivating heart in association with collectively dreaming together? How might the simultaneous presence of death and heart together affect the creation of our collective dreams? What other aspects might also come into play to create the desired balance between death and life or between death and the cultivation of our hearts?

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