July 3, 2017: Heart Growth

Today seemed to be a day to draw and to talk more about the heart. At first, I thought about heart informed creation. But then my drawing seemed to be directing me toward describing more about the growth of the heart. So, I relinquished my thought up ideas and allowed my drawing to do what it needed to do.


As I started drawing, using digital medium, I felt a watery quality of the heart come through as I selected a turquoise background. But, I also decided to add the more traditional red coloring for the heart. Then, keeping with these watery qualities, I began adding vertical turquoise lines, which for me represent a pattern of energy within my body that is suggestive of a response that is “right” or a “yes’ for me. These lines soon became the trunk of a tree that made me think of the need for groundedness within the heart.

Within myself, however, the energy is not simply just up and down but it often also swirls and dances around. So this swirling energy was also added to the grounded tree. Then, from within its roots, I felt the tree bringing in a vibration that contributes back to the wateriness of the heart. Standing its ground, with the wateriness inside, it then begins to emit a harmonic vibration that is in balance between the water and earth. Without this balance, the tree would lose its structure, melt, and seep into the earth or break itself apart and spread its remains in many directions.

Although the heart of the tree is able to hold its ground, other energies of various intensity are blasting in a diversity of colors and influences. At this point, it seems a choice now needs to be made. Will the existing tree, the existing heart win or will the other influences win over the heart?

The tree chooses to send its roots underneath the chaos, bringing information up into the heart of its trunk. Then a new quality begins forming within the tree. Absorbing this new quality, the tree begins to dance with the new vibration and also begins a new layer of growth. This new layer incorporates the new vibrations and reestablishes a new center of vibration for itself.

With the new vibration of the tree established, the bombardments around the tree become muted and more beautiful than before. The heart of the tree now stands its ground, more fully present with the formation of its new growth and ready to emit its new vibration.

Thus our heart is much like a tree that grows in layers year by year. Like a tree that needs to break itself a part a little to allow the presence of a ring of greater girth, we too must break ourselves apart a little to allow space for shifting energies, perspectives, and ways of being. If these breaks are too dramatic, however, we will likely be like the tree falling down that is not able to maintain our balance.

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