July 5, 2017: Imbalance Before Balance

For the past couple of months or so I have been experiencing different recurrent and yet temporary sensations that are mostly within my sacral and solar plexus areas, but sometimes also within my brow and crown chakras. These sensations are of a stirring of energy that has on different occasions invoked nausea, a dull head ache, dizziness, heart fluctuations, and balance issues. Although they seem fairly temporary and not related to illness, they are also not very pleasant to be present with.

What I and many other people believe is happening is that we are undergoing a recalibration of energy within our bodies. We are in a process of ascending into higher vibrations of life force energy. Our physical bodies, however, exist at a particular vibration at any given time. So, as new and different vibrations come in, our physical bodies must work to readjust and accommodate the vibrational patterns that are now presenting themselves within our energetic field.

Falling Down by photographymontreal under Public Domain Mark 1.0

The shifting that is occurring is much like what I was describing in the tree, as I talked about heart growth on Day 14. But in this case, we are the tree and its our whole being that is shifting, rather than just our heart. Or, maybe this process begins with our growing hearts, which then produces an overall effect throughout our physical bodies.

In this way, a kind of death is occurring as one frequency of vibration is released and another frequency is incorporated into our state of being, which is perhaps initiated and negotiated through our heart center. Experiencing and observing these sensations, I imagine that ways of being and believing are necessarily released to make way for other ways of being, believing, and moving forth within the world. This is not to say that we will magically start being and behaving differently, but we may begin shifting our thought processes in a way that will impact our physical ways of being.

So, if you are experiencing some interesting symptoms without an apparent cause, consider that they may be part of a collective process that we are within right now. But also be sure to consult your preferred health care advisor for an opinion. Then hold on for the ride, as we accept, shift, release, and restructure our vibrational fields together.

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