July 6, 2017: Creating Heart Space

In looking at heart growth, holding our own hearts, and imbalance within balance a theme seems to be awakening in the last few days, regarding the cultivation of our hearts. Within these reflections, a few ideas are offered about the needs of the heart and the processes of transition that support our further expansion and growth as we recreate our collective dreams with heart.

Today this comes to me even more poignantly, as I work on a tree graphic for a friend’s website I am helping to create. The tree is a drawing that she created with multiple aspects and we’re trying to incorporate these into the website design. As we talked about this yesterday, we found that opening up the top of the tree to make space for and to wrap around other elements might work, offering a great design while still maintaining the integrity of the tree’s originality. In doing so, however, the structure of the tree will need to be reformed in some way to enable the continuity and stability of the resulting tree image.

This process of working with the tree, in creating space for other elements seems to mirror the qualities of my heart growth tree and the process of recalibrating of our energy bodies, as they shift, break apart, and are disorientated before coming back together. But, in the middle of my reflections, is the holding of our heart. So too, within all of these processes is the need to be in reverence and holding that heart space for what has been and what will now become.

A stellar-mass black hole in orbit with a companion star located about 6,000 light years from Earth.
Cygnus X-1: A Stellar Mass Black Hole, an illustration by NASA/CXC/M.Weiss under Chandra Image Usage

Holding our heart allows what has been to be acknowledged and released, thereby creating the space for what comes next. But that space that is created also needs to be held with reverence, compassion, and love. Otherwise what comes next will be filled with whatever happens to come by that finds that space open and available to inhabit.

So, part of growing, shifting, and recalibrating is also about creating and holding an intentional space within the heart, which allows more of what we want from life into our current circumstances. In doing so, I invite you to entertain the kind of space you want to create within your life. What’s will be in it that hasn’t been? What are you willing to leave behind? Or, in what ways do you imagine we can collectively dream together to hold it all.

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