July 9, 2017: Full Moon at the Heart

Last night I remember waking up for what seemed like only a moment. As I opened my eyes, I saw the full moon shining through the fir trees, through the portion of the tree branches outside my window that tend to form a heart. Seeing these images, I felt that I was being reminded that the heart is at the center of it all. But further investigations this morning suggest that the message may have been to see how the full moon is at the heart of what is happening right now.

MoonHeartWith the images of the heart and the full moon on my mind, I wondered about the messages that this full moon had to offer that I had not previously paid much attention to. So, I consulted the various messages and sources provided within Mystic Mamma’s post. Within this posting, I find all the emotions and feelings that have been coming up for me since yesterday afternoon. The words of “core issues,” “edgy and awkward,” “trigger upset, rage, or hostility,” “tension of opposites,” “ancestral patterns,” and “surrender [ing] … grief and outrage with the past,” all resonate and hit home for me.

Other messages within this posting suggest a restructuring is going on with an opportunity for release. Our tree is being shaken up and broken apart, challenging us to both hold it together and to release old patterns of relating, particularly on an emotional level. To hold our tree together, we will need to reach down deeply with our roots into the earth to keep ourselves grounded. Then, holding ourselves in this space, perhaps we can release our attachment to ideas and ways of being, making room for other possibilities.

In holding this space for ourselves and allowing the movement of emotions and prior relational patterns, I also suggest being particularly observant and mindful about what comes up. Check in with the emotions and fears that arise. Do they represent your truth or the drama of the current collective dream? What truths are you ready to allow greater expression? What truths do you want to be included in the formation of our new tree of heart, our new way of collectively dreaming together?

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