July 10, 2017: Working Towards Balance

How many minutes of daylight have we now lost since the Summer Solstice? We’ve lost eleven minutes at sunrise and three minutes at sunset. That’s almost fifteen minutes or one quarter of an hour lost in twenty days, with most of this being in the morning.

Feeling into this a little bit, a sense of the slightest slowing down begins to show up, even with Summer’s presence running high. The slightest bit of death is showing up, giving us a hint of what will be coming up next. We are in the process of working toward a balance point of extremes between the Summer and Winter solstices, which shows up as the Fall Equinox that will occur on September 22, 2017.

Image by SamuelFrancisJohnson under CC0 1.0

But what does this mean to work towards a balance of darkness and light? How can this feel within the body? How might the presence of heart also play a part?

What’s been coming forward within me more recently is the balance of effort put forth on any given day within any given activity. To put forth more effort than is necessary can be exhausting. To feel a specific level of required effort is anxiety provoking. To force the timing of a project prevents it from maturing and blossoming within its own space. To do all parts of a project without the assistance of others can be overwhelming and does not allow the development of valuable relationships or the enhancements that come from various perspectives. Therefore balance, in this case, becomes a kind of allowance versus forced labor.

Thus, in a sense, I’ve been thinking and feeling into the allowance of the death of doing and trying to be more than is necessary in any particular moment. In doing so, I’ve notice how much energy is wasted by forcing something to move faster than it is meant to, based on some preconceived standard established both within me and on a cultural level. Then, I also notice how much energy can be reclaimed and redirected toward other things of importance within my life. Furthermore, as I breathe all of this in, I feel more relaxed and present within my heart.

Without specifically saying what comes up for me with regard to forced adherence to a  particular level, standard, or timing, I offer these questions to ponder: What within your life feels forced rather than balanced? Who or what is behind or causes the force? What motivates the force? What could motivate balance? How might we create and work towards a more balanced collective dream together?

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