July 12, 2017: Living Life versus Expecting Death

From within our spheres of life many expectations are made about how our lives may or may not proceed. We have expectations about our daily routines and rituals. We have expectations about jobs that we do or schools that we attend. We have expectations about time spent for playing and resting. Then we also have expectations about the relationships we are involved in and the ways that we interact with others.

Cultural, familial, and intellectual expectations are often directing the passage through our lives. Based on our experiences, what we come to know, and what we come to believe, we come to expect with some probability how situations might proceed forward. But sometimes this doesn’t play out and within the wake of our failed expectations we can find disappointment, distress, frustration, and confusion.

Dust Bowl – Dallas, South Dakota 1936 by USDA under Public Domain

On the other side of expectation, however, might be the welcoming of all life’s possibilities or the rejoicing in not knowing what might happen. In this way, we might be more present with what could happen versus what our current perceptions have led us to believe will happen. We might also experience less disappointment, greater space for actual life, and a greater expansion of the heart, instead of an ongoing opportunity for death’s presence.

What does it mean or bring up for you to believe or to allow space for something to happen outside of your expectations? Does this possibility bring in more life or death? Does this possibility allow more growth and change or more restriction and stagnancy? If we had no expectations, no judgements, no beliefs about how our boat of life should proceed, then what might that allow us to bring forward into our collective dreams together?

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