July 13, 2017: Perspectives of Death

I have never been, am not now, and never expect to be a particularly high energy person. My physical energy is quite slow, methodical, and a bit clumsy. Within this slow exterior, however, much is going on inside of me within my energetic field, thoughts, feelings, reflections, and dreams. I’ve always know myself to be introverted, but I’ve recently been observed as an introverted introvert. I far from dead, but my outward appearance rarely shows the multitude of life happening within me.

In watching others, who appear to have an abundance of physical life, I often wonder what motivates them to do all the things that they do. What activities are done out of pure delight? What activities are done out of obligation? What’s the percentage of activity done out of delight versus obligation?

Milf Squat by darkday under CC BY 2.0

I don’t feel the need to even attempt to do all that I see done. In fact, I wonder why people seem to need to do what they do. Their life, in this way, seems like death to me. But, my life probably seems like death to many people.

From an external viewpoint, the extremes I experience in approaches to living life can be distressing. A closer look, however, allows me to see the complementary aspects that are necessary for maintaining balance between the various perspectives of life and death. For instance, high activity needs low activity, external activity needs internal activity, and complexity needs simplicity.

Thus, death is not just death. Death can be a variation of life. Likewise, life can be a variation of death. So, I invite you to reflect beyond cultural perceptions. What activities give you life versus death. What variations of life and death create a healthy, balanced life? What kind of balanced variations between life and death do we now want to create within our next collective dream together?

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