July 16, 2017: I’m Special, but I’m Not

In seeking, exploring, and claiming different symbols and stories for ourselves, as I talked about on Day 26, we are perhaps searching for resonance with something that we already sense within us. In this way, we might be looking to find what’s special and unique about us, while also trying to sort out who we are and who we are not. But the specialness or uniqueness that we find is not to be confused with the specialness or uniqueness of someone else. We are not more special, more unique, or more superior than another.

As I reflect on this further, I notice a strange dichotomy in my experience of the current culture. On one side, I can acknowledge my uniqueness and gifts without any great desire to be noticed by them or to stand out because of them. On the other side, an expectation seems to exist to stand out, to be superior in what you have to offer, and to get yourself noticed. Because, this is the only way that you will be able to receive acknowledgment, support, and compensation for your unique contributions and ways of being within the world.

Image by 12019 by CC0 1.0

But, what if my contributions are in my presence of being? What if my stillness, my silence, and my cultivated vibrational emissions are my unique expressions? What if the greatest gift I could offer is being a conduit of connective energy? What if that is actually the greatest gift we could really offer one another?

With regard to understanding our specialness, our uniqueness, our purpose in life, I have heard that all will be revealed when we ask the right questions. And yet, I’ve also heard that who we are and what we have to offer is so plainly natural and innate to us that we don’t see it right in front of us. Thus, I invite you to ponder your right questions for revealing your special qualities and abilities. What might be the most radical way of being for yourself that is already who you are, regardless of ever receiving acknowledgement in this physical realm? Within what realm do you do most of your life’s work? Do you work mainly in the physical realm or in spiritual, energetic, or other dimensional realms? Given what you believe you do, how does this impact our collectively evolving dream together and the role you play within it?

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