July 18, 2017: Allowing Radical Death

Speaking of fearlessness, how willing are you to throw away everything you’ve ever created within your life? Could you trust that all that you need would make it back to you? Could you trust that you would always be taken care of, regardless of all that you threw away?

WHAT KILLS YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER by Eric Kim under Public Domain Mark 1.0

In a space of tears and anger today without any particular association, I found myself considering an even deeper level of letting go, of allowing death within my life. I pondered letting go of things, symbols, ideas, beliefs, creations, and even relationships, letting go of the things I’ve worked hard to develop, and letting go of the things I really care about. What does it mean to have these things in my life anyway? What does it matter what I’ve tried to do or whether I’ve succeeded or failed? Why should it matter, if I’ve really been present within each of my experiences? What am I trying to save after it is all said and done? What am I afraid of in letting the things of my life go?

Although I am not likely to initiate this radical death to its full extent, the questions I pose to myself are perhaps as important as the things I can’t let go of. Because, these questions serve to identify what I am ready to let go of. They also tell me about what’s important to me and why.

But my reflections go even deeper than this, as I wonder about my current existence within the world. Who could I be now without all of the “things” that I’ve surrounded myself with throughout my life? How could I now form myself, as I both let go of some things and pull in other things? In doing so, I allow myself to be redefined, reinvented, and rejuvenated, by allowing death, cultivating heart, and receiving renewed life.

So, I invite you to ponder the allowance of radical death as a practice for cultivating your heart and experiencing more life. What would you be willing to entertain throwing out of you life? What are your fears about holding on versus letting go? What’s the underlying meaning of it all for you? What radical collective death do we now need to allow the renewed presence of life within our next collective dream together?

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