July 19, 2017: Shifting into Belonging

One month has passed since starting this journey of allowing death and cultivating heart. The sun now rises at 5:40am and sets at 8:52pm Pacific Time, versus 5:21am and 9:02pm on the Summer Solstice. We’ve now lost about one half hour of day light since a month ago, still mostly in the morning, while the sun hits it’s peak five minutes later in the day.

But these shifts in the sun’s path don’t just occur within the morning, the evening, and at midday, they also occur within the angle of rotation that the sun presents itself. The angle of degree is increasing in the morning and decreasing in the evening. Additionally, the direction has been shifting from NE to ENE in the morning and from NW to WNW in the evening. Thus, many different shifts are always occurring within each and every day, which we may or may not be aware of.


Nonetheless, our time of wakefulness under the sun’s light is waning. Within this scope, we might visualize our house of sunlight getting smaller and smaller. But, in order to remain within our smaller house we may need to shift our belongings around or decide to let some of them go. This might also include moving things around such that they are allowed more or less light, warmth, or shelter.

In writing this down, I find myself particularly struck by the word “belongings.” Beyond the definition of ownership, what does it mean for something to belong to us? What does it me for something to be with us? Is it something that we long for? Is it something we long to be with?

Feeling into the shifts that are occurring so subtly around us, I invite you to consider what is also shifting within your own life. This could be very radical, so very subtle, or anything in between. But, I just ask you to really notice what is shifting. Then, ask yourself what you long to be present with in your life now. What do you want to clear out? What do you want to be with? What wants to be with you? How do we want to be with each other, to be longing for each other, within our next collective dream?

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