July 20, 2017: Fearlessness in Belonging

Holy Crap! What pot of worms did I open up now!

Awakening this morning, still sensing the presence of an edginess within me, my thoughts were directed to a past life story that I was helped to see through my inner vision. In being assisted with this vision, I found that I had once been held in high esteem for my gifts, but was then burned at the stake as a heretic. However, given my abilities, I found I had separated from my body before the main event occurred, relieving myself of the full experience. Because I had fled the scene though, it was suggested that I would perhaps need to revisit this event and further process what had happened there.

Thus, to some extent, I went further into this space today, to imagine the experience of it. Within this, I saw the envy and the lust for power. I saw how people felt my power, how they wanted it, and how they desired to take it from me. I also saw them lacking and disconnected from their own power, which resulted in further anger and frustration towards me. And finally, I felt their lustful, seething desire to watch me burn nakedly humiliated.

After this investigatory reflection, I was led on a deeper path of discovery through anger, through  isolation, through belonging, through safety and fear, and through heart. This started as I signed into Facebook and was presented with a post by David Whyte entitled “ANGER” and the words stating that “the internal living flame of anger always illuminates what we belong to … What we call anger is often simply the unwillingness to live the full measure of our fears or of our not knowing … but anger truly felt at its center is the essential living flame of being fully alive and fully here.” Then, wanting to hear more of his words, I previewed some YouTube videos. The first one was entitled “David Whyte: On Belonging & Coming Home” and the second was called “Fear, Safety and Making The Courageous Choice”.

From within these various sources I was beginning to see some of the themes I have recently been writing about, which have to do with fearlessness and belonging. This began within the first video above where David Whyte suggests we have been experiencing life in isolation with the challenge of finding belonging. But then he also goes on to explain how our acknowledgment of what we don’t belong to opens the path toward what we do.

Then, within the second video, a Cheri Huber quote is first brought forth that says “Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear.” Then, towards the end of the video, a recorded excerpt by David Whyte offers the fact that the word “courage” comes from the french word “cuer,” which means heart. So, in this instance, to cultivate and act with heart is to have the courage to become fearless.

Image by Kdsphotos under CC0 1.0

And so, I invite you to find the threads between what I have been talking about and what has been coming through today, as it seems a connection does indeed exist between living fearlessly and finding the spaces in which we belong. In doing so, I wonder how we can use the courage within our hearts to find greater belonging. I also wonder how we can help to empower, or more accurately re-empower, each other without putting ourselves on pedestals of power. Allowing these reflections to come through, I then begin to dream a collective dream of empowered people who do not fight, destroy, and waste energy on being in power. Instead, we will already be in our own power, claiming it, being it, and belonging to it.

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