July 21, 2017: What Belongs?

As I repeat the question of “What Belongs?” to myself, I feel a pull into my heart center that is followed by a slow, deep, breath. By doing so, I know that what belongs is what resonates with my heart, is what wants to be within my heart space. With this awareness, I also receive a visualization of a foggy white light that extends outward from my heart center, with the suggestion to first go to the things that are closest to my heart.


But, before deciding what belongs, I am drawn to go deeper, to feel the sensations that are present within my heart space. Here, I feel the power of the vibrations that are emanating outward from this space. I also notice, for the first time, that the power of these vibrations are bouncing off of my eardrums and creating a sound that seems to be a combination of white noise with a slight bit of ringing. Some of this includes the vibrations of the day, but now I’m noticing which parts could be the sound of the vibrations from within my heart. So, perhaps I will be able to hear through my body what resonates with my heart.

Wondering what else to pay attention to, I then feel sensations pulling me downward into my sacrum. The sensations I find here are initially more solid and grounded. But then I also experience a slight pulsing outward, which is then followed by a more circular motion and an upward movement that connects with my heart. Despite this movement, this space feels held open, still, and silent. This seems to be where I can hold sacred space for myself in relation to my heart’s longing and belonging.

With these reflective words, I invite you to explore your own body for the sensations relating to what belongs for you. Instead of asking your mind, ask your body. Get to know the meaning of belonging for you. Get to know the sensations of belonging, so you will know what belongs within your own heart. Get to know your belonging, so we can then investigate our belonging together within our next collective dream of longing for each other.

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