July 22, 2017: Acknowledgements of Belonging

Today I was thinking about the new moon that will be occurring tomorrow. New moons, in general, offer the opportunity to set intentions that may then be realized by the appearance of the following full moon. In this sense, the new moon to full moon cycle provides a container of sorts for doing inner work with astrological support. So, I thought it might be a good time to begin setting some intention around what belongs within our lives. But, in doing so, keep in mind the suggestion made yesterday to work with that which is closest to our heart and which we are holding sacred space for.

Following this line of thought, I went looking for more astrological information about this full moon. What I found seemed to be in direct correlation to this journey, this journey of allowing death and of cultivating heart. But, in listening to Kaypacha’s Pele Report, some additional aspects came through that were of particular interest.

For instance, Kaypacha suggests referring to decisions made near October 30, 2016, as they were the beginning of an understanding of what belongs. Since that time, we have in a sense been releasing much of what does not belong or what does not resonate with our hearts. Now, we’ve come to a time of realization and acknowledgement of what does belong, which we can then feel astrologically supported to take action on over the next year and a half or so. This will be a time of being with and enacting personal truths, as seen within Kaypacha’s mantra offering that states:

“Like a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon,
I have been transformed inside,
All parts of myself now aligned in Truth,
I have nothing left to hide”

Cropped Image by DomenicBlair under CC0 1.0

So, I invite you to be with those sensations of belonging in association to what was happening within your life last October. What specific aspects of your life were you attending to at that time? What kinds of release have you experienced surrounding those aspects? What do you further recognize about yourself, which you are now more willing to own as belonging to? How will what you now claim to belong to inform our next collective dream together?

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