July 23, 2017: Agitations of Change

For some months now I’ve been noticing an intermittent agitation occurring within me. The source of this agitation, however, has been rather confusing, since it’s often arisen within situations that have usually brought me joy. But today I’m starting to notice an unwillingness to release or change something within my life that may be causing some of this agitation.

DSC_0675 by Emilie under CC BY-SA 2.0

Another aspect that seems to be aligned with this agitation is the aversion to fast movement. In this case, I’ve noted how faster moving energies of body, mind, and spirit have made me nauseous, how rapidly flowing waters have caused more irritation than relief, and how faster ways of moving through life have made me more avoidant than willing to be involved. In addition, it seems that these types of fast movements may also be causing me to eat more than necessary, indicating a potentially emotional connection to my current experience of greater movement.

Bringing my personal reflections back into our journey of allowing death and cultivating heart, I feel that our transitions from what we have been involved toward what we are now moved to be aligned and belonging to will cause some agitation. For, what we belong to may be radically different from the direction that our lives are currently taking. So, in a sense, we may find ourselves trying to move against the flow of a very strong river current, which is sure to cause us agitation.

Thus, a fine balance exists for shifting between where we have been and where we are going. Too much shifting, too fast may cause agitation, but it may also reveal a glimpse through the trees of what exists on the other side. So, I invite you to examine your agitations and what information they may have to offer you. Where will you choose to sit within the balance point, the tipping point of your agitation? How are you willing to be with your agitation and the associated changes that you are facing? Will you tolerate changes that are fast or slow? How will we be able to withstand our agitation and our pace of change that we encounter, as we develop our next collective dream together?

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