July 24, 2017: Remembering the Baggage Ordered

IMG_0411While backpacking overnight for the last couple of days, I noticed how carrying the weight of my pack seemed easier than my recent experiences of simply hiking. At first, I thought of the possibility of how it might seem easier to carry my collective baggage than to release it and to make appropriate changes within my life. But then I had a dream that suggested this baggage was something I was willing, able, and desiring to carry.

Within this dream, I am with my family at a restaurant and we are deciding what to order. I’m thinking about ordering something different, but then decide to order the same thing. However, in trying to read the menu, my vision is blurred and I can’t read it very well. When I do read it, I almost immediately forget it. I remember parts of the item name, but not the whole name. Then I get distracted by other activities and have to remember that I haven’t made my order yet. But each time I try to order, my vision is blurred, I see the item for a second, and then immediately forget it, as I go on to the next activity.

Combining these two experiences, I feel there is something that I’ve come to do within this life that I am willing and able to do and want to accomplish. So, the baggage exists as a weight or a difficulty that I’ve chosen to be with and to carry. It’s not a baggage of burden, but a baggage of desire to bring something forth. However, I’m not exactly privy to what the baggage contains. I know about it, I sense it, but I don’t have enough clarity to speak it. I also seem to have enough sense about it to change what I’ve come to do, but I’ve evidently chosen not to.

Additionally, a further element within this suggests that many things could be distracting me from my chosen path through life, which causes delays and a lack of clarity. Furthermore, I could be unable to properly direct my life if I don’t remain focused. Thus, if I never fully remember the desired baggage that I ordered, I may never complete my order and receive my desired nourishment, the nourishment of being of service, of being able to receive the creations of others, and of experiencing the results.

But, my spiritual guides remain ready and waiting for my own readiness, focus, and clarity to complete my order. They wait for my right timing, for my right environment, and for my right experience to propel me forward into the movement and flow of my desired life’s path. All that I need to know about my order, my baggage of desire is present and waiting with me, being reflected back to me just upon the surface of the water. My job is to remember it and to provide its direction.

Thus, I invite you to reflect upon the baggage of desire that you’ve ordered, that you may or may not remember but is there waiting for your direction. What does this bag feel like? Is it light or heavy? Do you know of it’s calling? Can you speak it? Do you want to change it? What would you like to order now? What would you now call in to support, serve, and nourish our next round of collective dreaming together?

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