July 25, 2017: Awakening Joy

Today I was drawn to reread a research paper I wrote for my Art Therapy Counseling master’s program. This paper combined personal inquiry and qualitative research methods to a question I had been posing to myself. My question, and title of this paper, was “What does it Mean to Awaken Joy with Regard to My Shamanic Path?” However, the running header of “The Meaning of Awakening Joy on My Shamanic Path” is probably a better descriptor and title. Within this paper, I methodically explored the experience, meaning, and awakening of joy, death in relation to joy, connections within the breath, heart, soul, mind, and body, and the use of shamanic and spiritual practices for awakening joy.

However, due to time restraints when this paper was written, not all of the information I discovered has been included. Thus, although I intend to make further updates and edits, this paper is somewhat incomplete and currently remains in its original format.

Nonetheless, for this day of allowing death and cultivating heart, I offer this research paper to be publicly seen for the first time. I offer this writing for investigation about what joy may or may not be and how it might be worked with. Then, I also invite your reflection into how we might be able to cultivate joy within our collective hearts, as we prepare for our next collective dream together.


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