July 26, 2017: Beginning the Disentanglement

Another week has now past on this journey, as we lose another fifteen minutes of daylight. We’re starting to pick up speed now toward the valley of allowing death and cultivating heart, while we now lose more than two minutes of daylight per day. Additionally, with each day that passes, we lose two to three more seconds of daylight than the day before. Mere glimpses of lost light happening every day.

Perhaps this can also be seen as the folding back of petals that reveal an inner light, a light that is smaller in size but no less bright. This light might represent the hidden aspects of ourselves that exist deep within our hearts. Then, as the petals of darkness fold themselves back, more and more is revealed to us and to those around us.

Another way of looking at this might be to see the darkness as aspects being released from what has become intertwined with our inner core. In this case, the threads are intentionally being unentangled and discarded to find the core of what exists underneath. By releasing these threads, the core of ourselves can begin again through the intentional addition of new elements, of new ways of being and exploring ourselves.

Tangled fishing line by Aristocrats-hat under CC BY 2.0

Regardless of the way you think about it, a kind of unwinding and disentangling is starting to take place. Within nature, this can be seen when the fruit trees begin to give up their fruit or even stop bearing fruit. Within our lives, however, this might look like sorting through our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connections, deciding what needs to stay and what needs to go or what belongs and what doesn’t.

So, as this process of unentangling begins, I invite you to notice what currently exists and what petal or layer of darkness is ready to be folded back and released. Feel that petal, that darkness coming off of you and unloading its burden. Feel yourself lightening with its release, as your inner core begins to expose its full power, which is brightly pulsing with energy. Then, as those first petals of darkness release themselves, you can start to think about how you might just shake the rest of them off of you, before we begin considering our next collective dream together.

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