July 27, 2017: Opening to the Lion’s Gate

An interesting myriad of states have been coming through me today, including disbelief, disorientation, resignation, satisfaction, enjoyment, tiredness, and frustration, which were then followed by lightness and a sense of greater openness. Additionally, within the last two evenings, I’ve noticed a greater amount of energy flowing through my body, particularly within my head and my heart, which have the sensation of some kind of reconstruction occurring. This feels as if past ways of being are being eradicated, erased, and released, creating space for something different and new.

With the appearance of these states, sensations, and feelings, I really belief that something is shifting and changing within me. However, I’m still faced with activities and ways of being that have not yet changed, which accounts for the broad range of states that I am currently experiencing.

Beyond these observations, I also found my mind wondering about the worthwhile activities within my life. Again, I was questioning the things I do and don’t enjoy doing, the time I allow myself to do them, the amount of effort I am willing to put forth, and how much I’m willing to offer in exchange for being able to do them.

Holding all of this inside of me, my attention was then drawn to the fact that the astrological Lion’s Gate portal had just opened yesterday, which caused me to look for more information and then read “Opening of the Lionsgate Portal August 2017” by Tanaaz. Within this article some interesting correlations exist with regard to what I have recently been talking about and experiencing. For instance, the article suggests the energy of the Lion’s Gate is meant to allow us to “let go, heal and release so we can receive the new,” to “remove the energetic ‘pollution’ from our bodies,” and “to get clear about what makes life worth living.”

Image by Sponchia under CC0 1.0

Amidst this release and clarity, however, the overall Lion’s Gate message is to “find enjoyment through simply being human.” But this is perhaps a pretty tall order, given the current ways we live and the respective obligations we incur. And yet, maybe we could open our imagination to a space where we didn’t have obligations and we were still always taken care of. What might simply being human look like then?

Just take a moment to imagine. Step into the field of the Lion’s Gate. Expose yourself to the possibility of a new and enlivening experience of life, before inquiring within. What’s worthwhile in your life? How could you experience the simplest aspect of your humanness without obligation? What if you had to do nothing more than to be human? What would you do then? What would we do together within our next collective dream?

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