July 28, 2017: Guidance is Always Coming Through

Image by Greyerbaby under CC0 1.0

Each day I write, I never know what the topic will be. Sometimes I choose a topic, begin writing, and then the topic changes to fit the writing. This feels like guidance coming through as I write, which often takes unexpected twists and turns throughout the writing process.

Today I’m noting that this writing process, this commitment to an everyday task that has generally been difficult for me, has been training me to trust the guidance coming through within the field of my intention. While maintaining this trust, I only need to remain still, to feel into what is happening through my body, and to make reflective connections from within my daily experiences. Then, as I receive feedback from others, I am able to see the existence of a common theme that seems to be running through different avenues within our lives. This reinforces the feeling of a collective dream that we are all moving through together.

As I speak of guidance coming through in this way, I am reminded of other processes that also required trust within intention setting. In particular I am thinking about being grounded, setting heart-centered intentions, allowing these intentions to permeate the body and the energetic field, and then moving into some process of realization such as:

  • Journalling, writing reflectively and making thought provoking discoveries
  • Mindfulness, paying attention to arising thoughts while meditating
  • Sensory Awareness, paying attention to arising bodily sensations and their associations
  • Drawing Up Wisdom, making free flowing marks on paper that invoke memories and offer body-centered visual perspectives with metaphoric associations
  • Breathing Patterns, utilizing the breath to circulate intentional information through the heart center and the toric energy field
  • Heart Wisdom, focusing on the heart center and paying attention to arising thoughts
  • Medicine Walks, walking in nature, observing, reflecting and making metaphoric associations
  • Sound Vocalizations and Instrumentations, changing the frequency of your energetic field by moving an intentional sound vibration through the body and the heart center

Each of these activities can reveal information and shift us toward our intentional direction. Each of these can also allow our own sacred wisdom to arise and to be communicated with us.

Within this, I invite you to reflect upon the power of intention when grounded and aligned with your heart. Consider that your experience is always based on the extent of your ability to set an intention of this kind. Then ask yourself what practices are you willing to engage in to allow your intentions to be realized within your life. What practices can you commit yourself to? What practices allow your intentions to flow through your life? How will you implement these practices? What heart cultivated intentions will you bring forward into our next collective dream together?

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