July 30, 2017: Navigating Pattern Breaks

Detach! Detach! Detach! Detach from ideas. Detach from beliefs. Detach from what feels normal and comfortable. Detach from thinking you know. Detach! But, at the same time, engage and be present with the people around you right now. This isn’t quite working for me, but it’s what’s here pushing and pulling me around, inviting something to break loose, to break apart.

Image by kloxklox_com under CC0 1.0

Within this, however, is a moment of relief. A moment of energy that comes and says “here, is this what you’re looking for.” Yes, yes I think it is, but I’m not sure how to get there from here. How do I find and surround myself with that? How do I release one and allow more of the other? How do I ease myself forward into change without rejecting everything that is currently in place? How do I be amongst what has been, as I walk toward what will be?

A delicate balance exists while working with change, which often causes discomfort in one way or another. But, to at least have a sense of what you might be looking for is helpful. In fact, that’s sometimes all you’ll get.

So, as I sit with my discomfort while also having an inkling of where I’m headed, I invite you to simply hold on for the rocky ride. We’re in the process of detaching ourselves without being quite sure about where it will lead us. Staying in your heart as much as possible will help. Observing your sensations and reactions will also be informative. Then, open and hold space for what is presently occurring without necessarily taking any action at this time. Just allow this to be information in service to our next collective dream together.

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