October 15, 2017: Fire Light

Did you notice the attached images? What was your first reaction before you really saw what they were? Did you see light or did you see fire?

Walking in a wooded park near dusk, I took a picture of the beautiful light touching the tall trees. Walking further still, a friend then brought my attention to another spot. This one even more beautiful than the one before. But in taking a picture of this, I saw not only light but fire. In fact, if I hadn’t already known what it was, I might at first thought it was fire.

Seeing these variations in my perceptions caused me to further reflect upon the similarities and differences between fire and light. In doing so, I actually found them to be more similar than different, because they both bring a kind of cleansing and spirit of illumination, are both a source of heat, and both can be transformative. But light, on the one hand, seems to have more to do with creating and maintaining a representation of the present through visual and thought perceptions. Fire, on the other hand, has to do with deconstructing those visual and thought patterns, which then allows for the reorganization and renewal of the present.

Light and fire, therefore, represent two opposing aspects that touch upon each other as they form and reform our present experiences. But this must also mean that they are always meeting each other, passing what’s currently present back and forth between each other. Within this, light becomes the holder of the present, fire becomes the transformative release, and light then reemerges to allow further transformation and regeneration.

Thus, I invite you to imagine your inner light holding your representational experience of the present moment. Then, holding this light, like a crystal ball in front of you, perhaps you can also imagine the flicker of a flame distorting this light and making the images less and less clear. Afterwards, as the flame subsides, what might now be visible? What is now present that wasn’t before? What is still present but has changed in some way? How do your transferences from light to fire and fire to light then inform life and death within our next collective dream together?

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