October 18, 2017: Deepening Release

As we go deeper into Fall, I feel myself going deeper within me, with the desire for more sleep and less activity. Additionally today, I’m feeling another level of letting go of all that I have been and all that I have created. In feeling this next wave of letting go, I am grateful to somehow have reached a place of being more able to simply release it all. By doing so, I find it has simply been enough to have had the experiences of what I have created within my life.

Although I still value my creations, I’m not feeling the need or the pull to do anything more with them. This does not mean I won’t actually do anything further, but more that I no longer feel obligated to them in some way. I don’t need them to become anything in particular. I don’t need them to exist as an extension or definition of myself. I can exist and be of value in this world without them. I am free to continue with my creations or to release them and create something entirely new.

“Butterflies Released” by Anthony Poynton under CC0 1.0

In another sense, I have also grown tired of the stories associated with my creations and with our creations together. I am quite ready for a new story of being and relating together. Can you feel this with me from within your heart? Can you feel how our collective releases could be of value to us? Can you sense the coming of a new way of creating together?

While deepening our releases together, I invite you to consider how much energy is used to hold our current stories, our current creations together. What if we didn’t feel the need to hold these particular stories up? What if we could just let them drop and begin again fresh and new? How might this be accomplished? What steps would we need to take toward the beginning of a new and different collective dream together?

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