October 21, 2017: Scared but Sacred Hearts

Waking up this morning and rubbing the heart-shaped carnelian stone I had placed under my pillow, I wondered where I might find my next inspiration. Or perhaps more accurately, where I might find an inspired direction for this journey that is useful to both myself and others, since I do actually find some kind of inspiration every day. Oftentimes, however, it can be difficult to convey that inspiration in a meaningful way.


In continuing to reflect on my current situation though, a few possibilities for my lack of inspired writing comes to mind. The first of these acknowledges how this occurrence may simply be part of the process of this journey. In other words, going inward, slowing down, and releasing includes resting and not being driven to fit within some preconceived structure. A second quandary about my writing also includes judgements about which inspirations are part of my personal journey versus this particular journey. Along with these judgements comes the tediousness of sorting through the relational timing of different aspects, determining how much detail to include, and questioning how repetitive I am being. Then, as a third and final thought about this, I’m also noticing how the importance of my current inspirations are rising quickly and fading quickly from my conscious awareness, making them difficult to clearly explain their connectivity. Regardless of the cause, however, I’m finding myself unable to delve as deeply as I usually do within my writings. Thus, I feel my offerings may be smaller and yet hopefully still profound in some way.

For instance, on this day, I was thinking about my realizations regarding the words “scared” and “sacred,” as I looked more closely at these two words relative to the heart. I thought about how scary it can be to reveal the sacred spaces within our hearts. By doing so, however, we might indeed be inspired by what is revealed. Then perhaps, we can take those inspirations, those sacred loving heart interactions and apply them to everything and everyone within our lives. Or, more specifically, wherever we encounter our sacredly inspired heart revelations, maybe we can treat our lives and the people within it as if they were the emanators of those same inspirations.

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