October 22, 2017: Fears Triggering Fear

In attending a conference this weekend, I unfortunately came up against an overstimulating environment that both taxed my brain and caused other physical discomforts and pain. The lights overhead were very bright and I did not notice the additional fluorescent lights, which I often have a problem with, until later in the day. Additionally, because we were having several small group conversations within a large room throughout the day, the noise level was high, making it often difficult to hear. Thus, I was able to attend the first full day of activities but my body simply refused to be assaulted another day by this overwhelming stimulation.

Staying home and sensing further into my reactions, I wondered about the emotions within the people in attendance as well as myself. At first I thought I might be reacting to their emotions. But then I found my own fears surfacing. In the end, I felt that my fears were likely being triggered by the underlying fears coming through other attendees.

L0040110 Experiments in physiology. Facial expressions; Fear
“The facial expression of fear on the human face being induced by electrical currents.” by Wellcome Images under CC BY 4.0

Regardless of where these emotions, these fears were coming from, the effects were having a powerful and real detriment to my physical well being. This reminds me both of the unseen energies that affect us everyday and of how powerful emotions can compound themselves. In this case, fears triggering fears that then perpetually cause the eruption of more fear.

But what might we do with this? At the moment, my reaction has been to remove myself from the environment and to regain my own sense of centeredness. But also to begin realizing what fears have been triggered and to take action on them. Acknowledging is just the first step, going deeper into the fears, into the core causes is another step. Then some kind of further action can be taken that calms the fears rather then elevating and perpetuating them, both now and within our next collective dream together.

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