November 1, 2017: Wisdom Deep Within

Today offers a sense of something returning, a kind of knowing that exists somewhere within my body and is making its way through to my conscious mind. What comes through though, tends to wax and wane between remembrance and forgetfulness. Insights that come with intensity, feeling, and knowing are quickly replaced by interfering thoughts and fears. Ah yes, I understand. But wait, what was that again?

Image by MBatty under CC0 1.0

To continually hold space for what comes, seems to be part of the difficulty. Another part seems to be about what is too simple to actually consider real. But my sense is that, if I were able to hold onto what comes through long enough, I could really transform the shape of my life and how I experience it.

As excited as I am about this, another part of me seems terrified, resistant, and avoidant. There’s a sense that I am running from something I actually do want. I am obviously confused, as no part of my conscious mind finds a reason for these reactions. I can hold space for so much, but with this I seem to have no patience whatsoever.

While these revelations come and go for me, I also invite you to notice what you are resistant to allowing within your life. What revelations are coming through and how well can you hold them? In what ways can they be held so as to fully manifest within your life and our next collective dream together?

P.S. As I finish writing this, I also notice the occurrence of 1’s, 2’s, and 7’s within the title of this post. I then find the last sentence, from Joanne Walmsley’s angel messages for the number 127, saying “Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to take advantage of the ‘new’ to enter your life.”

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