November 2, 2017: Truth Dreams

During these days of greater awareness in the existence of intentionally falsified news, I am led to wonder the purpose and meaning of the concept of “truth,” since I’ve come to belief that any single truth only exists within the moment that it is defined as such. That is, something is true until something else within our experience defines or discovers it as false.

With the mixture of truths and falsities we are faced with each day, what within this is of actual value or importance? Is it important to find some monumental “TRUTH?” Will finding this truth increase our enjoyment of life? Will it bring us more connection and value to our lives? Will it positively support our relationships with each other?

In particular, I wonder about all the things we have believed to be true but are perhaps false; that I have believed to be true but are perhaps false. Certainly I believe a lot more about myself and the world in the last ten years or so than I did over most of my lifetime. My truths have changed. Additionally, more and more, I find the falsity within the structures I believed to be true for everyone’s benefit. I also find certain truths to be elevated and perpetuated to the point of oppressing other potential truths.

Modified Realm Of Dreams 28 by RAJESH misra under CC0 1.0

Thus, I ask us to think about the truths we have defined within our lives. What’s really true for us? What could possibly be false? What would it mean for important aspects of our lives to be partially or completely false? How might we be willing to further shape or dispose of our truths in support of our next collective dream together?

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