November 4, 2017: Heart Exploration as Purpose

I’ve often wondered about and attempted to discover my life purpose, my purpose for being alive and interacting with this world. In posing questions to myself over many years, however, the answers have both brought me direction and left me completely lost. It’s been like trying to catch the carrot in front of me that always seems to be just out of my reach.

Part of this seeking and trying to find my way, has been about trying to fit myself within the current structures, within the current culturally supported boxes. These are boxes that I believe we’ve been trained to exist within, with more concern for our minds than our hearts. When I allowed my mind to be formed and structured, it seemed to fit into the cultural boxes. But, in moving more and more towards my heart’s desires, I have had more and more difficulty fitting my irregular-shaped heart into those square boxes.

This afternoon though, as I was again desiring to understand how to direct my life next, a question came through in a more useful form. The question was “what does this manifestation of myself now want to explore further?” Or, in other words, what has pique my interest enough that I want to experience more of in either depth or breadth.

Image by stevepb under CC0 1.0

And so, I invite you to respond to this question of exploration rather than discovery. I invite you into continual exploration of all aspects of yourself. Not for purposes of analyzation, but for the simple pleasure and desire of investigating the multiple dimensions of our evolving selves within our next collective dreams together.

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