November 5, 2017: Heart Envisioned Qualities of Self-Love

In journalling and reflecting further on life through the exploratory avenues of my heart’s desires, I have found myself drawn to a rather simplistic form of creation. That is, I have been thinking about sensing and holding the qualities of my heart’s desires rather than utilizing my mind to create the envisionings of my heart. In doing so, I can then remain open to the potential outcomes attracted to the vibrational qualities I create. What is of particular importance here though, is that these qualities are arising from my heart rather than my mind. I don’t even need to know what the qualities are. I just need to know they are generated from my heart.

Image by geralt under CC0 1.0

While wandering down this path in meditation today, however, I did find one specific quality that wanted to be held, which was self-love. Coupled with this, the word “temple’ in relation to the heart crossed my path twice throughout the day. Together, these qualities seem to be calling me inward to the temple of my own heart and to the experience of loving myself at a deeper level.

But, in working with the quality of self-love, I don’t believe this is only for myself. Because, on a vibrational level, I believe I can hold the space for self-love and then allow it to be projected outward for other people to receive and experience. Thus, more people are likely to develop greater amounts of self-love, which they can then also extend outward from themselves and towards other people around them.

On another level though, I also feel the desire for others to be loved, so I can truly appreciate feeling and receiving my own love. This doesn’t mean I depend on others for my own ability to experience feeling loved. This is more about feeling saddened by the lack of love being offered or received by others, which I believe is a side effect of our own lack of love for ourselves. How can I really feel the joy in being loved when I know others exist without ever knowing the experience of love?

With this in mind, I invite you to consider all the ways you have had the privilege of receiving love. Be thankful for all the love you have received, but also consider the places that you and others have not received love. Then come join me, as I hold the quality of self-love within the sacred temple of my own heart and within our next collective dream together.

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