November 13, 2017: Fall Cleaning

Within the driving force of today’s fall winds, I sense the existence of an even deeper cleansing taking place. Yes, there’s been release. Yes, there’s been grief. But now there is even more.

Image by Prawny under CC0 1.0

This particular release seems to be coming through in a different way however. This release relates to clean up, to cleaning up situations that have not been cleanly separated or have not been fairly negotiated. This also seems to be related to tying up loose ends and to clearing out old distractive habits.

Another aspect to look at, which might also need to be cleaned up, are the motivations that have led to the need to clean things up in the first place. I make this observation after watching myself and others make decisions that are not based on desires, but rather on what seemed to be required. That is, decisions are being made more out of our fears than our desires.

And so, I invite you to do your fall, rather than spring, cleaning. Continue working on releasing and clearing, but also work on reparations as an alternative version of clearing for further release. Then hold to your  alignment with your desires, making decisions that better serve yourself and our next collective dream together.

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