November 15, 2017: Subtle Forces of Change

It seems like fall can be a bit of a sneaker, creeping in slowly until you suddenly notice the depth of its presence. At least that’s how it feels today, with the shift back to standard time last week, the growing darkness, and the consistency of rain falling. In addition, I’m also suddenly aware that we are nearly two months into fall, leaving only a month until winter and to the technical ending of this project.

Taking the time to feel more deeply into this journey through summer and into fall, I am more distinctly aware of how different it has played out than I had intended or imagined. My original idea was to complete the second half of the “Solstice to Solstice” journey, with “Solstice to Solstice: ReBirthing of Divine Inner Light” representing the winter to summer journey and “Solstice to Solstice: Allowing Death, Cultivating Heart” representing the summer to winter journey. But, the further I’ve gone into this second part of the journey, the more I have felt a lack of need for further elaboration.

At this point in the summer to winter solstice journey, I have now skipped a total of fourteen days of reflections due to various reasons. Within this, I feel shifts are indeed happening very quickly and very subtly. So quickly, that unless they can be caught in that very instance they simply vanish or submerge themselves into the next shift.

Lost within many of these shifts, backwards, forwards, inward, outward, to this side, and that side, I attempted a drawing to gain more information. The drawing seemed to show these subtle shifts that I mentioned, but additionally show a vibrancy of reflective radiations flowing outward. This reminded me of the fact that even the smallest of shifts can and do lead to big changes.


Thus, I simply invite you to notice the small subtle shifts that are always occurring. Although they may seem insignificant, I believe each and every movement is toward some greater vibration of exploration, which is yet to be discovered and unfolded within its own unique, personal, and purposeful creative motion.

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