November 16, 2017: Expectant vs. Natural Energy Flows

Tonight I reflect on the currents and flows of energy within the natural world. Within these currents, these flows are peaks, valleys, and medians. The energies pendulate themselves back and forth across a spectrum until they become still, in alignment, or the same vibration as other aspects of nature.

In sensing these natural energies, I notice stillness within the dusk and the dawn. Additionally, between these two points, I also see the expanding and contracting energies within the sun’s rising and setting. Then there are the seasons of the year bringing high energy in the summer, slower energy in the fall, stillness in the winter, and the renewed energy of the spring.

Image by Riedelmeier  under CC0 1.0

As I further allow my body to sink into these different flows of nature, I realize how our cultural work systems don’t generally take these flows into consideration. We don’t generally work more in the summer, less in the fall, none in the winter, and then pick up our work again in the spring. We also often don’t have schedules that are in alignment with the rising and setting of the sun, nor do we take pauses within the dusk and the dawn. Instead, consistency is expected between all seasons and all times of the day, no matter how our energies are flowing within us, around us, and connecting between us.

Although dusk and dawn are my favorite moments of the day to savor, taking the time to actually notice and be present within these times is easily lost within the day. I have even tried to do this by setting alarms. But those precious moments still seem to get lost, as other daily activities receive higher priority. Within this, it seems that cultural forces, well programed within me, can continue to keep me out of alignment with nature even as I have a distinct desire to allow this flow and this deeper connection.

Thus, I invite you into your own natural and expected flows of life. Are they in alignment with each other? Does one serve you better than the other? What are the differences between these flows of life as they exist today and as they are desired to exist within our next collective dream together?

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